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  1. Version 3.2.26


    The WooCommerce UPS Shipping allows a store to obtain shipping rates for your orders dynamically via the UPS Shipping API. Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on enabling commerce around the globe.
  2. Version 1.5.26


    The Pre-Orders WooCommerce extension allows you to set up pre-orders in your store so customers can order products before they are available. Set up pre-orders in your WooCommerce store, so customers can order products before they’re available. You can automatically or manually release and fill orders when you’re ready and let the extension handle the rest!
  3. Version 1.6.33


    The Points and Rewards extension for WooCommerce allows you to reward your customers for purchases and other actions with points which can be redeemed for discounts.
  4. Version 6.1.0


    Hide My WP is number one security plugin for WordPress. It hides your WordPress from attackers, spammers and theme detectors. Over 26,000 satisfied customers use Hide My WP. It also hides your wp login URL and renames admin URL. It detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection type of security attacks on your WordPress website. The magic starts now… But before it, stick in your mind we don’t change any file or folder and everything is in its default location! we just control access to it and this guarantees maximum compatibility for the plugin. Hide wp-login.php Try this: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/wp-login.php Not found!? OK. Try this one: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/wp-login.php?hide_my_wp=1234 Hide or change wp-admin and all of its files (for untrusted users) hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/wp-admin/ – Not found! or Change it to wpwave.com/my-admin/ Change WordPress theme directory, remove theme Info from stylesheet, replace default WP classes and finally minify it! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/template/main.css (Instead: .../wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/style.css) Change plugins directory and hash plugins name hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/modules/95578af5/shortcodes.css (Instead: .../wp-content/plugins/zilla-shortcodes/shortcodes.css) hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/modules/95578af5/shortcodes.php – Not found! (Deny access) Change upload URL, wp-includes folder, AJAX URL, etc. hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/file/test-image-landscape.jpg (Instead: .../wp-content/uploads/test-image-landscape.jpg) hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/lib/js/jquery/jquery.js (Instead: .../wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js) hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/ajax.php – Output 0 (Instead: .../wp-admin/admin-ajax.php) Change WordPress queries URL: New URLs: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?article_id=1 hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?user=1 hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?find=hide Old, not working URLs: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?p=1 – Nothing happen! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?author=1 – Nothing happen! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?s=hide – Nothing happen! Change author permalink (or disable it!) New: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/admin or wpwave.com/profile/admin (Optional) Old: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/author/admin – Not found! Change or disable feeds New: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/index.xml New: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/cat/aciform/index.xml Old: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/feed/ – Not found! Old: hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/cat/uncategorized/feed/ – Not found! Hide all other WordPress files! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/readme.html – Not found! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/license.txt – Not found! Disable WordPress archives, categories, tags, pages, posts, etc hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/2012/09/ – Not found! hide-my-wp.wpwave.com/?m=201209 – Nothing happen!
  5. Version 15.05.54


    Enjoy your favorite videos and channels without ADS and with Background Play on this YouTube app. Vanced is a well known modded version of YouTube with many features such as adblocking and background playback, the full list can be found below: Features: Blocks all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable) Background playback feature Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa Override Max Resolution Pinch to Zoom on all devices Casting togglable (can be forced off) Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black) PiP (Oreo Only) Video window new or old style Repeat video feature Preffered Resolution & Speed feature How to install ? Download the APK Install it as you would normally install any other apk. Enjoy How to enable Black/Dark theme? Click on your profile picture on the top right corner Open Settings Open Vanced Settings Open Layout Settings Toggle ON Dark watch & Dark theme How to fix Login & Chromecast issue? Download the modded microG Install it as you would normally install any other apk. Enjoy Known Bugs: Offline mode doesn’t work properly, app keep refreshing, to watch saved videos you have to search for it. Youtube Vanced Official MOD Instructions: Download and install latest SAI app (Split APK Installer); Download this .apks&zip archive app; Install and Open SAI / Choose “Install APKs” button / Find and Select downloaded .apks archive app; Wait for install and done. Enjoy! Notes Remove any other vanced and microg version and install from this topic!
  6. Version 7.57.0


    Today, people have to endure so much pressure in their lives. Modern life races cause them to experience a lot of inhibition and fatigue. Work, study, social relationships are the cause of extreme stress. So today, people need the most convenient and convenient means of entertainment for themselves. They can relieve stress alone or with a few friends. For example, they can play games, listen to music and even chat with each other for hours. Although the forms of entertainment are diverse, almost watching movies is one of the top choices. Because it can entertain many people at the same time, moreover it does not need to compete with anyone else. The suspense, thrill, the various levels of emotions also come when you watch the movie. The best-copyrighted movie player on mobile And the most attractive tool for watching movies is Netflix. It’s so famous that there are a few idioms for it. You can enjoy many types of TV shows on this channel. So now, its maker is beginning to expand its reach by bringing it to the mobile platform. This is a new trend in the world because it is convenient and fast, with a high degree of personalization. Taking advantage of this, Netflix will grow stronger. Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies, so when it’s served on a mobile, this dedicated service attitude does not change. You will still be served as enthusiastic as when using it on TV. You can freely download the app for free on various media and use it. However, before using it comfortably, you must register a membership account. If you still doubt about its quality and do not want to pay immediately to own it is okay. Just log in and be able to use with our one-month free trial app. Bulk features Netflix membership can give you access to your channel’s unlimited movie and TV shows. However, you do not have to pay too much to enjoy all of them. One month fee is very low, seems to be lower than most other channels of the same quality. What makes the Netflix brand so diverse is its ease of use. The program is very much, almost meet all the needs of customers. So if you use it will feel the speed of the entertainment program updates. Viewers can enjoy instant TV episodes & movies whenever you want, as often as you want, anytime you want. Moreover, the programs are arranged like a search browser so you can manually select the content you like to watch. They are constantly updated and refreshed daily, episodes or videos are added almost at the same time it is widely released on official media. Because of its freedom and customization, along with its variety, it is, almost possible to serve all user needs. But it’s hard not to know what to look for in this vast repository. Be assured the system will analyze your program or watch trends and recommend the best programs of its kind. Netflix’s Original series exclusive shows Netflix is a huge content producer, so they are ready to provide users with a wide range of international-standard movies. In addition to the task of getting content from reputable sources to post on its homepage, it also produces a lot of different movies to meet the needs of users. These content, called Netflix’s Original Series, are released exclusively and bring the most unique content in the world. You can find shows like BoJack Horseman, Stranger Things, American Vandal, … Actually, if you have never heard of these names, it might be a bit outdated. Maybe you don’t have the internet?
  7. Version 8.0.1


    With the era of modern technology and the internet is one of the most important factors of life today, browsing becomes one of the essential needs of human. People browse the web to see what information they need to search on the Internet, they use their job information as well as satisfy their leisure needs in their free time. It can be said that almost human life is revolving around an open network. But that means you will have to declare your personal information to the whole world know. Actually, what is dangerous is waiting for the user cannot predict. 145 locations around the world So if you are a smart internet user, you should equip yourself with a tool to protect from malicious people on the internet. Now you can find a lot of useful tools to keep yourself from being harmed. But the problem is you need to find a product quality and prestige that bring good service together with the service is updated regularly. ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN is a service trusted by Android users around the world. Being an open source platform for mobile devices is quite risky. IOS is almost entirely confidential so should not be too anxious. When using this application, you will be provided VPN access at the highest speed and absolutely secure. With over 10 million downloads and usage on Google Play, it has been an honor to be the preferred editor for Android devices across all user segments. Proxy VPN services will ensure you a private and confidential space. With just a few clicks of the screen, you can surf the Internet anonymously; almost no one can exploit your personal data through the process of browsing. Fast, Private Express VPNs need only users with full privacy rights to avoid the dangers of providing over 145 connection locations in 94 countries around the world. And besides, it does not limit the number of server transfers so users can switch zones as often as they like as long as they fit their needs. Its operational principle is quite simple as the system will encrypt all your connections to prevent third parties from interfering with and storing online activities. Actually, this way of surfing is much more than using the regular proxy. Sum up It is also available for free on Google Play so that it can be easily downloaded and used through Android devices. Large and popular areas such as the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa are included so that users can quickly update and switch. Having trouble with any of the functions or issues that arise during the process of using the application can immediately contact the management of the application. They are online 24/7, so you can quickly answer all your questions. Besides, the application is updated regularly so your peace of mind; sometimes you have not reflected before, the problem has been corrected. MOD Info? To register, use any email; The hardware binding of the application to the phone has been removed – you can use the trial period as much as you like; After the trial period, clear the application data and re-register. For VPN to work correctly, select the UDP protocol in the application settings.
  8. Version 3.0.2


    POWERED BY WOOCOMMERCE Dokan is the best front end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplaces in under 30 minutes. Dokan is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn through commissions with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products. Vendors manage everything Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard - coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support, everything on frontend! Compatible with any WooThemes Dokan frontend is bootstrap based, fully compatible with most (100+) WooCommerce themes and more than 17+ fully compatible themes on ThemeForest. Easy to use design Our intuitive frontend UI is extremely easy. Anyone with even no ecommerce experience can easily sign up and start selling right away. The best storefront and marketplace experience Dokan offers the best looking storefront, features and follows the most trending marketplace design for creating the best customer experience. Hundreds of Gateways and Multilingual ready Dokan is Paypal and Stripe ready. Adding other popular gateways and 100+ WooCommerce supported gateways will enable your market to sell in any country, with tax rates built-in. Dokan is available in 25+ languages, fully translatable and RTL supported – making your marketplace truly global.
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