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  1. Ehem! Ada yang lagi cari Asus Zenfon C? Ngobas Store lagi diskon buat produk handphone ini.

    Langsung beli aja di http://ngobas.com/store/product/107-asus-zenfon-c-ram-1-gb-black/


    1. Edo_Purnomo


      murah nih, diskon lagi bisa kali

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Ngobas is All-in-One website that can be use by everyone for free to find friends and exchange information. The name Ngobas is derived from the abbreviation, which is Ngomong Bebas Originally Sedap, meaning that it is appropriate to speak according to the ethics of socializing.

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I realize that information and communication are the main things in life. Ngobas is the right platform for that. We will always be connected wherever we are and that is the purpose Ngobas was built.

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