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  1. Version 6.0


    Currently, the need for photography has become one of the essential elements of modern human life. If we don’t have it, we can still live normally but can’t keep up with the trend of society. Even this year, 2019 has a trend called tourism to enhance influence, people travel and use their photos to post on social networks to become a fashionable person. That partly confirms the power that photographs bring to people in this 21st century. Following that will be the image editing tools produced to increase professionalism as well as serve all kinds of interests of many people. Tools like Camera 360, B612, most recently PicsArt Gold, … are all products that help you look much nicer thanks to handy integrated tools that you don’t need to do anything yourself. But professionally, no software can overcome Photoshop and Lightroom. If you want to edit the image structure, Photoshop is the most convenient tool, and Lightroom is the cathedral for light and color effects. Currently, in parallel with the great PC version, Lightroom has an Android version called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. It is the #2 Top Grossing product of Google Play’s Photography application line with more than 10 million downloads of the entire server. Edit, manage and share photos When it comes to Lightroom, you will surely imagine beautiful color-corrected photos by professional photographers. But with this Android version, you can easily turn your works into such a masterpiece. These tools are also full like what is present in the PC version and are further optimized for mobile devices. Thanks to that, many people can easily use it. You can create great photos on your smartphone as soon as you’re done taking pictures, no need to wait until you get home and use your PC. The three main functions that the tool gives you are capturing, editing, and sharing photos. You do not need to use it as an editing tool anymore but can now be applied as a filter right during the shooting. And the edit function will help you remove the beautiful spots and replace it with more beautiful colors. After having works like that, you can easily update to any social network you like. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr are all built-in for you to share, and even Lightroom creates a social network for users to share their works. #1 Edit Photos for Android We just talked about the main feature like that, and the newly updated features will make your stay with Lightroom much longer. First, it will be the Shared Albums Tab function so users can easily view photos more than any time. The current trend is that everything is interconnected into a tight network, which we often call social networks. So this function also seems to make a system where users can easily access and view all other people’s works posted on “lightroom.adobe.com” through this function. Besides, you must learn how to create an ad-hoc that can be easily shared with the Lightroom community on the web. Choose your best works and create a collection, then click on the three-dot icon and select “Share to Web” to be able to publish your work. If you don’t want to pass your information out of the system of trusted devices, it’s quite easy. Ethernet is a reliable internal communication protocol until now, although there are also more powerful means. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is no exception when it has just been integrated to share information through this intranet. It will be much easier for people who share a network of internal connections within a family, company or group, etc. In general, this protocol is fast, free and secure, so it is still trusted. Besides, it also supports some ways to transfer more useful information. WHAT’S NEW Interactive Tutorials Texture (Smoothing and highlighting medium sized details such as skin, bark, hair) [Premium] Group Albums [Premium] Batch Editing ACR Integration: Supporting the latest cameras and lenses Important! Image import problems have been corrected You do not need to login to use, please press “X” in the upper left corner of the screen To know your device uses ARM or X86 CPU, please check with CPU-Z. Usually, the mobile CPU is ARM, some Intel CPUs will have X86 The Adobe ID function works well on version 5.1
  2. Version 4.6.1


    The Internet has become popular for everyone and is associated with human life. The Internet helps people find information, play entertaining games, download data, connect people and more. But sometimes, the internet connection is not stable or you want to check if the package you are using is stable or any related issues. Then you need to check your network speed. You should use the Speedtest application in these cases, instead of having to access complex websites. Speedtest is currently used by over 100 million people worldwide. The reason is that it returns the measurement results quickly, only about 30 seconds but the results are very reliable. Currently, this application is reaching 4.4 / 5 points with more than 1 million reviews. How to measure network speed with Speedtest? After installing Speedtest, you start the application and click on the GO icon in the center of the screen to start the network testing process. This process takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then returns the results to you quickly. Returned information includes some information about Download, Upload, Ping, and Time. In particular, Time will save the time you perform bandwidth measurement, Download is the download speed (the higher the speed, the faster the download process takes place), Upload is the upload speed (higher speed The faster the process of uploading a data file) and Ping. In particular, Ping is a very important indicator. It is equivalent to latency and will affect if you are playing a game. Ping is most stable when the speed is below 10ms Speedtest not only measures LAN speed, wifi network, but also measures 2G, 3G, and 4G data rates. It will identify the server you are using and give the most detailed statistics. These statistics will be saved and will be analyzed and evaluated on a chart so that you can control what network speed has changed during the past time. If the network speed keeps changing, it indicates that the network is not stable and you should switch to using another network. Speedtest is really convenient Instead of accessing websites, you can download this application and check the bandwidth speed with just one click. Speedtest returns results quickly, speeds up bandwidth over a long period of time, automatically detects the server and user location, provides upload, download information and is easy to use. Speedtest also has a very small capacity, only a few MB, so it will not affect your device CPU speed very much. Although there are many applications to measure bandwidth and network speed such as Speed Test, Internet Speed Test Original, Meteor: Free Internet Speed or SPEEDCHECK are born. But thanks to the preeminent and simple to use features, Speed Test is always the first choice. Speed Test has created a global network with more than 100 million users and this number will continue to increase in the future. Speed Test is a free application so it also contains some ads. If you don’t want to be bothered by these ads, you can use the paid plan for $ 0.99 per month to remove them.
  3. Pengusaha Indonesia Mardigu Wowiek Prasantyo makin populer belakangan ini. Hal ini lantaran video-videonya di YouTube yang banyak ditonton netizen. Pengusaha yang dijuluki Bossman Sontoloyo ini juga sempat mengupas bagaimana masa depan ekonomi bisnis dan negara di tengah wabah corona. Bahkan ia tak segan mengungkap kemungkinan perang antara China vs AS pasca corona. Videonya yang dikemas dengan naratif blak-blakan berhasil mengundang banyak orang. Kini namanya pun melambung dan memiliki banyak penggemar. Mardigu adalah seorang pengusaha 32 perusahaan skala nasional dan regional. Ia memiliki usaha diantaranya di bidang oil dan gas. Pendapatan Mardigu di bisnis ini diklaim mencapai USD 200 juta (Rp2,96 triliun). Mardigu sendiri adalah owner PT Titis Sampurna, PT Empora Gaharu, Narapatih Mind & Mental Clinic. Bahkan sempat disebutkan apabila Mardigu mematikan aliran gasnya ke Singapura, maka separuh negara itu akan gelap gulita. Tak hanya sibuk sebagai pengusaha, Mardigu juga kerap menyisihkan waktunya untuk menyayangi anak yatim. Ya, ialah pendiri Rumah Yatim Indonesia yang saat ini menaungi kurang lebih 10.000 santri di seluruh Indonesia. Sebagai seorang muslim Mardigu yakin jika dalam diri anak yatim tersimpan harta karun.
  4. Polda Metro Jaya membebaskan peneliti kebijakan publik dan pegiat demokrasi, Ravio Patra setelah sebelumnya ditangkap terkait dugaan penyebaran informasi bernada provokasi lewat WhatsApp. "Ya sudah dipulangkan," kata Karo Penmas Divisi Humas Polro Brigjen Argo Yuwono saat dikonfirmasi, Jumat (24/4). Argo menyatakan setelah menjalani pemeriksaan Ravio berstatus sebagai saksi dalam kasus tersebut. Namun, Argo tak menjelaskan lebih rinci terkait kelanjutan kasus tersebut. "(Ravio) sebagai saksi," ujar Argo. Ravio ditangkap aparat kepolisian saat tengah bersama dengan seorang warga negara Belanda berinisial RS pada Rabu (22/4) malam. Penangkapan itu disinyalir berkaitan dengan peretasan dan pengiriman pesan berantai lewat pesan singkat WhatsApp yang dikirim dari nomor milik Ravio. Salah satu anggota Koalisi Tolak Kriminalisasi dan Rekayasa Kasus, Direktur Eksekutif SAFEnet Damar Juniarto mengatakan Ravio sebelum ditangkap kerap melontarkan kritik kepada pemerintah. Berdasarkan catatannya, Ravio sempat mengkritik Staf Khusus Presiden Billy Mambrasar yang diduga kuat terlibat konflik kepentingan dalam proyek-proyek pemerintah di Papua sampai tentang penanganan Covid-19 yang dilakukan pemerintah. Sebelum ditangkap, kata Damar, Ravio mengadu kepada SAFEnet perihal peretasan akun Whatsapp miliknya, Selasa (22/4) pukul 14.00 WIB. Ketika Ravio mencoba menghidupkan WhatsApp, muncul tulisan "You've registered your number on another phone". Ravio juga mendapat panggilan sekitar pukul 13.19 WIB hingga 14.05 WIB dari dua nomor telepon dengan kode negara Indonesia, serta nomor telepon asing dengan kode negara Malaysia dan Amerika Serikat. Ketika diidentifikasi melalui aplikasi, nomor tersebut merupakan milik AKBP HS dan Kol ATD. Ravio sendiri sempat memberi informasi melalui akun twitter @raviopatra bahwa WhatsApp miliknya telah diretas dan dikendalikan oleh orang lain. Ia meminta agar tidak ada yang mengontaknya dan tidak menanggapi pesan yang datang dari nomornya, serta meminta agar akunnya dikeluarkan dari berbagai WhatsApp Group. Damar mengatakan Ravio juga sempat berkomunikasi dengan pengurus Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI) untuk meminta nasihat hukum. Selain itu, Ravio juga menghubungi Komisioner Komnas HAM untuk meminta bantuan jika terjadi sesuatu dalam waktu dekat. "Ravio sempat mengabarkan sedang bersiap mengevakuasi diri ke rumah aman, tetapi kemudian sudah lebih dari 12 jam ia tidak bisa lagi dihubungi," katanya. Pada saat yang bersamaan atau sekitar pukul 00.30 WIB, kata Damar, muncul artikel di sebuah blog sosial dengan teks memojokkan Ravio disertai dengan hasil tangkapan layar yang mencantumkan pesan provokasi. Damar kemudian mendapat mendapat informasi bahwa Ravio ditangkap semalam oleh intel polisi di depan rumah aman pada Kamis (23/4) pagi.
  5. Ditengah wabah COVID 19 ini, Hotman Paris memberikan pesan kepada seluruh DPR yang berjumlah lebih dari 600 anggota DPR.
  6. Manajer sekaligus sahabat Glenn Fredly, Anastika Ardiana, mengendong Gewa, anak Glenn. Manajer sekaligus sahabat mendiang Glenn Fredly, Anastika Ardiana, mengungkapkan pesan terakhir pelantun lagu "Januari" tersebut. Tiga hari sebelum meninggal, Glenn sudah menitipkan anak pertamanya, Gewa Atlana Syamayim Latuihamolo, di rumah Anastika Ardianaa. Sebab pada Senin (6/4/2020, Glenn dilarikan ke rumah sakit karena kondisinya sudah menurun hingga akhirnya masuk ruang ICU. "3 hari lalu lu cuma bilang 'Gewa di rumah dulu ya sama Mama Ika'," tulis Tika seperti dikutip Kompas.com dari unggahan Instagram @anastikaardiana_, Jumat (10/4/2020). Bukan hanya itu pesan terakhirnya, dua hari sebelum kepergiannya, Glenn juga meminta Tika untuk datang ke rumah sakit agar bisa menemani sang istri, Mutia Ayu. "2 hari lalu lo telepon cuma bilang suruh nyamperin lo buat temenin bini lo. Ternyata lo mau pergi ya, Ndut?" ungkap Tika. Glenn telah meninggal dunia. Tika berjanji akan menjadi sahabat yang baik untuk Mutia dan Gewa. "Tapi kayaknya Gewa bakal jadi teman berantem gue gantiin lo. Dari kemarin di rumah kadang ketawa-ketawa, kadang pasang muka ngamuk sama gue," ujarnya. "Gue berjanji bakal jadi Mama Ika terseru buat Gewa. Rest in love, Ndut. Selamat jalam sahabat terbaikku, love you," tulisnya. Glenn Fredly mengembuskan napas terakhirnya di Rumah Sakit Setia Mitra, Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan, Rabu (8/4/2020). Glenn Fredly meninggal dunia setelah berjuang dengan penyakit menginitis atau radang selaput otak. Jenazah Glenn Fredly dikebumikan di Tempat Pemakaman Umum (TPU) Tanah Kusir, Jakarta Selatan, pada Kamis (9/4/2020). Meninggalnya pelantun lagu "Januari" ini tepat 40 hari usia anaknya, Gewa Atlana Syamayim Latuihamallo. Sedangkan, empat hari sebelum meninggal dunia, Glenn Fredly sempat mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun pada Mutia Ayu dengan video romantis.
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