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  1. Saya mengucapkan banyak terima kasih atas beberapa dukungannya sampai saat ini terhadap perkembangan @Ngobas. Ngobas tidak akan bisa berdiri tanpa bantuannya teman teman pengguna. Saya berharap, @Ngobas bisa selalu menjadi platform untuk dapat berinteraksi.


    1. Males


      smoga bisa jd tempat buat share ohok ohok. :hehehe

      wehhh si @monica_pendong love you too .....

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About Ngobas

Ngobas is All-in-One website that can be use by everyone for free to find friends and exchange information. The name Ngobas is derived from the abbreviation, which is Ngomong Bebas Originally Sedap, meaning that it is appropriate to speak according to the ethics of socializing.

CEO’s Greeting

I realize that information and communication are the main things in life. Ngobas is the right platform for that. We will always be connected wherever we are and that is the purpose Ngobas was built.

- Samuel Berrit Olam

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