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    abas reacted to Partner for a blog entry, JOIN THE PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM CASE COMPETITON (ISCC) 2019​​​​​​​   
    Early Bird (until 20th of August)
    High School: Rp 200.000
    University: Rp 300.000
    High School: Rp 300.000
    University: Rp 450.000
    Registration: http://binus-iscc.com
    Become a thriving IT-preneur by analyzing, strategizing, and producing your one-of-a-kind solutions for real-world cases!👩🏻‍💻
    For more information about the competition and registration, kindly proceed to:
    Contact via WhatsApp:
    University 📲 Rafi - +6285775593603
    High School 📲 Ricky - +6285999998633
    Contact via LINE 📲 BASIS Official Line - @utk9300d

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    abas reacted to Ngobas for a blog entry, Video Baru Pembukaan Ngobas   
    Di akhir tahun 2015, Ngobas membuat video pembukaan video terbaru untuk awal tahun 2016. Dengan barunya video pembukaan, ini akan menambah inovasi Ngobas dalam dunia video.
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