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    Greetings, Asian fellows! Are you a high school student or university student in Asia who wants to step out from your comfort zone? Well, well, good news for you! We proudly present the biggest English Olympics in Asia, The 2019 Asian English Olympics “Broaden Your Horizon”! For the eighth time, Asian English Olympics will give you a challenging yet precious time through competing in 8 fields of competition with perfectly concepted rounds and professional judges from the various country across Asia. Here is your chance to learn, compete, and show your talent to other Asian youths. More than that, feel the vibe of International ambience, make friends with people from various countries, and feel your blood rushing along with the hype of our ceremonies! The 2019 Asian English Olympics will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia: Date: February 11-15, 2019 Place: BINUS University Kemanggisan Campus Quickly head to www.aeo.mybnec.org to take the challenge! P.S : Limited slot! Check out our social media for further information: Instagram: @asianenglisholympics Facebook: Asian English Olympics (AEO) Twitter : @The2019AEO
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