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Teknologi Realitas Maya untuk Cegah Demensia

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Banyak orang dewasa sedih melihat orangtua mereka mengalami penurunan fungsi kognitif dan gejala demensia. Kini para ahli di Universitas Southern California mencoba memanfaatkan teknologi realitas maya, atau VR, untuk membantu mencegah atau menunda timbulnya penurunan kognitif.


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    • Guest Int_news
      By Guest Int_news
      Virtual reality could be used to diagnose and treat visual vertigo, according to a team of Cardiff University psychologists. 
      People with the condition suffer from dizziness and nausea and often cite places with repetitive visual patterns, such as supermarkets, as the trigger. 
      A team of psychologists is working to develop virtual environments to help with diagnosis and rehabilitation. 
      The scientists believe the approach has "real potential". 
      Dr Georgina Powell, of the School of Psychology, said: "We don't know very much about what causes visual vertigo at the moment. 
      "There also are not many effective rehabilitation therapies available, so the aim of our project is to try and understand those two things."
      She said vertigo can be extremely debilitating, adding: "It can mean that a patient can't leave their house because they feel so sick and nauseous every time they walk around in their visual environment. 
      "They can't work, they just can't function."
      The team said one of the most striking observations they had made about sufferers was the variation between what sparks their symptoms.
      "All the patients are very different and some environments might trigger symptoms for some patients whilst other environments might trigger symptoms for others," Dr Powell said. 
      "So by using virtual reality (VR) we can have vast flexibility over the different types of environments that we can show to patients and we can find out what their individual triggers might be and then tailor specific rehabilitation therapies."
      'We have a bucket ready' 
      Visual vertigo is often referred to as "supermarket syndrome" because large shops, with their cluttered shelves and repetitive aisles, can act as a catalyst to attacks. 
      "Other environments include walking by the side of a river, where you have motion one side of you but not on the other," Dr Powell said. 
      "Generally they can only handle so much of the virtual reality images at one time - we have a bucket ready," She added. 
      "But we give them lots of breaks and lots of water and monitor how they are feeling."
      What is vertigo?
      Vertigo is a symptom rather than a condition Sufferers can endure dizziness, a sense of self-motion, a loss of balance and nausea If you have severe vertigo, your symptoms may be constant and last for several days or even longer The term vertigo is often incorrectly used to describe a fear of heights, which is actually acrophobia Often, people with visual vertigo develop vertigo after suffering damage or illness related to their vestibular system - the apparatus of the inner ear involved in balance and space orientation - such as an ear infection. It can also be related to migraines.

      Prof Petroc Sumner, who is overseeing the project, said it can be "very difficult" to rehabilitate. 
      "There are new patients every month and also repeat patients. So, because it can't easily be fixed quickly, then the patients have to be seen multiple times - that takes up a lot of NHS time."
      He said the concept had "real potential", especially as virtual reality becomes cheaper.
    • By c0d1ng
      Pernah kebayang kalau meeting kedepannya gak perlu ketemu? Cuma butuh internet aja sama Oculus VR?
      Ini dia videonya dari Mark Zuckerberg
    • Guest News
      By Guest News
      Setelah sukses dalam industri periklanan, teknologi realitas maya kini menyemarakkan pengalaman naik roller coaster. Taman permainan Six Flags Magic Mountain, memberikan opsi virtual reality bagi para pengunjung yang naik wahana bernama "The New Revolution".
    • Guest News
      By Guest News
      Virtual reality has huge potential, but the general public still has a lot to learn about what it can do. And augmented reality is coming on fast.
      Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are on their way to changing the way we travel the world, learn new things, do our work and interact with others.
      That is the main takeaway from a panel discussion of scientists, educators and entrepreneurs who gathered Tuesday in Washington.
      Google's principal filmmaker for VR, Jessica Brillhart, says the technologies are similar but not identical.
      "VR is about convincing you that you are somewhere else. AR is, simply put, just adding something to the reality that you are existing in currently," she said.

      FILE - Participants watch virtual reality movie "Born into Exile", about two pregnant women who are due to deliver in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan, during Women Deliver, a major women's health and rights conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 17, 2016.
      Virtual reality has been around in various forms, but has really found its footing in the computer gaming industry, and is also gaining new uses in industry, health care and education.
      Virtual-reality headsets cover the whole visual area and enable viewers to feel as if they are present in a completely different environment, such as a museum, a park, a fabric workshop, an office or an aircraft cockpit.
      Augmented-reality glasses let you see the real world, but can also project additional information that only the wearer can see. The enormously popular smartphone-based game Pokemon Go is one example.

      FILE - A gamer uses the Pokemon Go application on his mobile in the main fish market in Kuwait City, July 14, 2016.
      Both technologies are ideal for learning and practicing new skills. Physicians, for example, can use these techniques to learn and practice new surgical procedures.
      Assistant U.S. Secretary of Education Johan Uvin, another panelist at Tuesday's discussion in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, said virtual reality has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about education and to address the issue of enormous inequities in access to learning opportunities for many children and adults.
      A lot of VR and AR applications are still in an experimental phase but many industries, such as Boeing, are already using augmented reality to train their workers and help them assemble critical airplane parts.
      The price of headsets is constantly dropping, and there are simple cardboard goggles that work with most common smartphones.
      According to the digital industry analytics website Digi-Capital, by 2020 the revenue from VR and AR may reach $150 billion, with augmented reality taking the lion's share.
    • By trendology
      Penggunaan perangkat virtual reality memang bisa dikatakan sedang marak-maraknya. Apalagi sudah ada beberapa game yang mendukung perangkat virtual reality. Dengan menyuguhkan pengalaman yang tidak ditemukan sebelumnya, membuat konsumen tertarik untuk mencicipi. Bahkan sekarang banyak para pengembang game yang mulai tertarik membuat game untuk dapat dijalankan pada perangkat VR.

      Seperti salah satunya adalah penerbit game fenomenal, Grand Theft Auto, yang mana kabarnya tertarik untuk menjajaki perangkat virtual reality. CEO Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick mengatakan bahwa mereka bakal membawa serial game Grand Theft Auto bila memang perangkat VR adalah pilihan banyak konsumen dalam bermain game.
      Strauss Zelnick mengatakan memang ada rencana untuk membawa serial game tenar tersebut untuk memasuki dunia virtual reality, namun mereka masih dalam tahap riset dan pengembangan sehingga hasilnya benar-benar bisa memuaskan para konsumen. Dirinya juga menambahkan tidak hanya serial Grand Theft Auto saja, namun juga beberapa judul game ternama lainnya seperti BioShock, Red Dead Redemption dan beberapa game olahraga lainnya.
      Zelnick menyebutkan bahwa perangkat VR akan menjadi barang yang umum dijumpai oleh konsumen setidaknya dalam tiga hingga lima tahun mendatang. Seperti yang kita tahu sekarang sudah ada perangkat virtual reality yang beredar, yakni HTC Vive, Oculus Rift dan PlayStation VR.
      Sebelumnya, game Grand Theft Auto V sendiri sudah dapat dijalankan pada perangkat VR menggunakan alat Virtuix Omni. Alat ini mampu mengubah game biasa pada perangkat PC sehingga mendukung virtual reality. Namun alat ini hingga saat ini juga masih dalam tahap pengembangan.
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