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BaliSpirit Festival 2017




BaliSpirit Festival 2017 is an annual event of Global Celebration of Yoga, Dance & Music. This tenth global celebration is seeks to awaken and nourish the potential inside every individual, leading to positive change in ourselves, our homes, our communities, and around the world. BaliSpirit can lead you to a better you as well as a gate to cure yourself from your worse fear, and let go all attachment that drained all your pure energy and buried your true self. 

BaliSpirit Festival 2017 is held at Bhanuswari Resort and Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA). Bhanuswari Resort is a tranquil place a 10 minute driver from Ubud center, while ARMA is at the center of Ubud which embody the art of Balinese people and the art blissfulness itself.  This Over 200 different daytime workshops and nighttime events were celebrated at BaliSpirit Festival. Diverse attendees can freely move between an unlimited number of workshops and events. Workshops and events range from yoga classes, health seminars, satsangs, sound healing and meditation to kirtan and music performances from leading teachers, artists and presenters around the globe.

At 21th March, BaliSpirit held a small conference for the press about Dance, Healing and AyurVedic. This conference presents three presenters. They are best at their philosophy of Dance, Healing and AyurVedic practices. Those three teachers, as well as friends for our healing practices are Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, Mario Cossa and Sheena Sarles. Insiya is the AyurVedic shaman, Mario is the Psychodrama guru and Sheena is the dancer with Anti Anti-Aging remedy. 

For Insiya who originally came from Bombay, the tradition of AyurVedic is culturally carved inside her. But she never really realized it until she is transforming into a mother to her son. For her, AyurVedic is one way to heal her-self from all the modern day illness, also from any kind of diseases that drained her pure energy. For Mario who spend 30 years of his life being Psychodramatist, this technique is one way to connect with his true self, and let go all of our past and change it with new narrative. 


Today, 22th March, the conference will be talking about Yoga. There will be Ana Forest, Nickie Hanley, also Martin and Tasya. People from media, or anyone who interest with the topic, please don’t hesitate join our small conference at media center. Also, don’t forget check out our Dharma Fair for purchasing variety of beautiful goods, and our delicacy of culinary. And, if you feel tired and want to rejuvenate your energy visit our Healing Hut or our ZenTent.  

So, just like Sheena Sarles said, “We are always growing, that is why aging is blessing and we should enjoy the process.” And that is what BaliSpirit Festival is all about, find our self-healing through holistic way.

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