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XPASS, "Eksistensi Paskibra Sembilan Sembilan of Pirates"





Will be held on February, 25th 2017

? SMA Negeri 99 Jakarta

Jl. Cibubur 2, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur, 13720,

? 0218705669



?LFPB (Lomba Formasi Pengibaran Bendera)

?Tingkat SMA/MA/SLTA sederajat

Kategori Juara:

? Juara Umum

?Juara 1

?Juara 2

?Juara 3

?Harapan 1

?Harapan 2

? Pengibar Bendera Terbaik

? Komandan Terbaik

? Pembawa Bendera Terbaik

? Formasi Terbaik


?LPBB (Lomba Peraturan Baris - Berbaris)

?Tingkat SMP/MTs/SLTP sederajat

Kategori Juara:

? Juara Umum

? Juara 1

? Juara 2

? Juara 3

? Harapan 1

? Harapan 2

? Komandan Terbaik

? Formasi Terbaik

? Variasi Terbaik



?Interview Pengibar?


? Registration

January 7th 2017 - February 11th 2017

09.00-17.00 WIB

? Sekretariat OSIS SMAN 99 Jakarta

?Online by website paskib.com


? Technical Meeting

Saturday, February 11th 2017

13.00 - done WIB

? SMAN 99 Jakarta 


Dont forget to join at XPASS 2017: ?Xpass of Pirates?


Get the invitation by click here?






Let's join! Limited quota!



Are you excited????


?For more information, please contact:

? Leonando (Xpass) :

081283618086/ leolenando

? Akbar (LFPB) :

089698085295 / akbarbudi

? Dinda (LPBB) :

088809907445 /dndaaprmt

? Saskia (Admin) :

083876020586 / saskiaoktaviazr



? xpass_99@yahoo.com

Add our Facebook:

? Paskibra SembilanSembilan

Follow our Twitter:


Follow our Instagram:

? xpass_99

Add our Line Official Account:

? @hdh0215r

Visit our Blog:


? paskib.com


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About Ngobas

Ngobas is All-in-One website that can be use by everyone for free to find friends and exchange information. The name Ngobas is derived from the abbreviation, which is Ngomong Bebas Originally Sedap, meaning that it is appropriate to speak according to the ethics of socializing.

CEO’s Greeting

I realize that information and communication are the main things in life. Ngobas is the right platform for that. We will always be connected wherever we are and that is the purpose Ngobas was built.

- Samuel Berrit Olam

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